Christian Adell Querol

The role of the Network Engineer in the DevOps era by Christian Adell Querol

This talk will show how important it is to onboard network engineers on the DevOps culture as one of the pillars of the DevOps transformation.

Traditionally, network operations have been seen as close silos where everything moved slowly and with few (or none) visibility from the applications or systems engineering side, and it’s also true that their evolution into the DevOps principles has taken more than on the system administration, but the good news are that in 2022, most of these teams have closed the gap and are now key players on delivering IT services, adding a lot of value with them.

We can’t forget that, in a lot of cases, we sustain our applications on hybrid deployments running on complex network architectures, with multiple layers of abstraction, starting from the “real” IP network, passing over several overlays (does K8S sound familiar?) and, finally, the service mesh. Including network engineering knowledge in this endeavour will help understanding and optimising these architectures, enforcing consistent IP address management and consolidating more metrics to enrich your observability system.

In this session you will understand how to make this transformation possible and identify relevant skills and tooling that a network engineer has to adopt to jump on this boat.

Talk Questions

  • Question 194
    Which kind of companies do you think they benefit of considering network a strategic asset than a commodity?
  • Question 196
    Could you tell please a little bit how CI/CD processes in Cisco is being organised? Eg a new firmware version for an edge router has been assembled. How you verify it? What is the software stack of this process?
  • Question 195
    How do you deal with packet tracing across a hybrid cloud?
  • Question 198
    How do you empower developers to be directly involved in the source of truth?
  • Question 197
    What's the main reason using nautobot instead of netbox ?
  • Question 200
    How about your opinion about: netmiko and NAPALM? thanks for the talk!