Hila Fish

Open-Source: Open Choice - A DevOps Guide for OSS Adoption by Hila Fish

Choosing the right open-source project to use can be quite challenging - not knowing if it’s going to be the right fit, how it will behave, and if you end up wasting time trying to make it all work. We’ve all been there.

But what if I told you there’s a practical way to have a clear understanding of how to incorporate an OSS project in your environment?

In this talk, I’m going to speak about the DevOps perspective on open-source and the challenges Infra-focused engineers have with choosing the right project for their environment.

As a DevOps Engineer, I’ve seen a lot of things, stumbled upon a lot of non-based decisions, and so will present practical advice on how to choose an OSS project for your dev/prod environment and will talk about the business mindset you should have to evaluate the key indicators based on your needs and specific pain points.

Talk Questions

  • Question 30
    How to place trust in OSS when it offers no guarantees in future development and can without warning be abandoned?
  • Question 34
    'If you are not paying for a product, then you are the product' - could you justify this statement from an open source point of view?
  • Question 31
    There are many tools out there whose open source edition only covers basic functionality, but cool stuff is under paid license. What's your approach for that? For example, Elasticsearch. What's your approach whether you need one of these advanced features? Do you pay for it, look for an alternative or just code it yourself?
  • Question 32
    One of the main issues with using OSS for business applications is the lack of back-contribution by those same businesses to the OSS community, How to approach that issue and encourage businesses in invest more time in helping the OSS projects they use and not become just simple demanding clients?
  • Question 33
    From the presentation it really seems the negatives outweigh the positives. Can you provide some very successful real-world examples where big enterprises have made massive growth with OSS?
  • Question 37
    How much OSS does your company Wix use? How do you trust what you use? Does Wix contribute to those projects?
  • Question 35
    I believe you missed a key aspect for adopting OSS projects: what is the release API policy? is it using strict semantic versioning, so I can be sure that within a major release there are no unexpected breaking changes. This is crucial for production grade support
  • Question 36
    what about contribute to open source projects I want to use and now cover m needs. becoming a contributors could also be a solution. maybe cheaper than writing full functionality on my own