Peter Murray

How Github uses GitHub to develop GitHub by Peter Murray

A presentation on how GitHub builds and deploys software and the pillars upon which those development and delivery practices are built.

This talk will provide some insights into the challenges and complexities in having a globally distributed workforce, providing abilities for developers to collaborate, innovate and experiment safely, ensure compliance and security and ship changes reliably to production systems.

Talk Questions

  • Question 92
    How do you push hotfixes if github is down?
  • Question 95
    Concerning the ADRs: Are they somehow linked to the tasks / batches / code? And do you use a specific "standard" for your ADRs or specific tooling?
  • Question 88
    What were the "consequences" to your policies or philosophy when Microsoft bought Github?
  • Question 102
    What do you think about trunk based dev? (given the fact that GitHub mainly works with PRs)
  • Question 91
    How much has the Microsoft acquisition impacted GitHub's product, philosophy and processes
  • Question 98
    How do you manage branches? Do you use branches for testing and work before production, or you use the main branch for new development directly?
  • Question 96
    How do you organize and Index the ADRs to make their contents easily accessible?
  • Question 97
    Can anyone in the organization challenge an ADR at anytime?
  • Question 94
    Are your Architectural decision records publicly available?
  • Question 100
    Experiment is awesome. Do you monitor any other metrics like latencies? And if so, how do you merge those with the metrics from experiment?
  • Question 104
    Do you have tests (integration or e2e) directly in pipeline or scheduled?
  • Question 103
    How do you manage (too) long living feature flags?