Kris Buytaert

Over a decade of #devops, what have we learned by Kris Buytaert

13 years ago we had the idea to organise a conference in Gent to bridge the gap between developers and the people runing their code. It was the start of a new global movement. We never predicted that #devops would be where #devops is today. The word devops has evolved, the community has evolved.

Docker has solved all of our problems, the ones left behind were solved by Kubernetes. Everybody and their neighbour is Scrum certified now and we are all happily sipping cocktails on the beach. Or not? Why after almost 10 years of pushing culture change, teaching about Infrastructure as Code, teaching about Monitoring and Metrics … and help people to share both their pain and their learnings are most organisations still struggling with software delivery.

Over the years the word devops lost it’s meaning at least it’s original meaning. The real challenge for the next decade will be to see how we can revive those original values and ideas, if at all... Can we fix Devoops ? This talk will give you some Ideas about that.

Talk Questions

  • Question 7
    If "good DevOps" is a culture problem (as a lead) what do I tell my team?
  • Question 5
    Why we have to stop branching? There are still a lots of discussins around it...
  • Question 4
    Could you tell more about awesome cfgmgmtcamp? I enjoyed that event very much!
  • Question 6
    When to build your own tools vs using what's available?
  • Question 8
    Agile also ssys to focus on people and interactions, not tools or processes. How is devops different? Is devops agile applied to dev and ops?
  • Question 9
    About our role today.. how do you aboid burnout from so many 'roles'
  • Question 10
    Do you think that it's not necessary to streamline the structure of CI/CD by the adaptation of multiple tools available
  • Question 11
    Which certification should I get?