Philipp Krenn

The State of OpenTelemetry by Philipp Krenn

Tracing and telemetry are popular topics right now, but the development is so quick that it also confuses:

- Starting with OpenTracing, then W3C Trace-Context, and now OpenTelemetry there are plenty of standards, but what do or don't they cover?

- With tracing being stable, how are the metric and log efforts going in OpenTelemetry?

- Where is OpenTelemetry headed as a project, and how can both users run it in combination with their vendor of choice?

This talk gives an overview of standards, projects, and how they all tie together.

Talk Questions

  • Question 182
    How does open telemetry differs from prometheus Prometheus is also used for instrumentation
  • Question 172
    Since Jaeger has an OT collector already(which can use the elastic search backend), what was the motivation behind implementing an elastic collector? Does it do things better than Jaeger?
  • Question 179
    Is OpenTelemetry a complete free solution?
  • Question 181
    Can you share some strategies for tracing sampling? When to use tail or head base, for instance?
  • Question 175
    How does it differ from fluentbit ?
  • Question 180
    How do you correlate application logs with the corresponding db logs? It's out of the box using the agents? Thanks!
  • Question 183
    How do you manage distributed sampling?