Aurélie VacheHoracio González

Let's dive into Terraform provider creation by Aurélie Vache and Horacio González

Currently when we think of Infrastructure as Code (IaC), one tool seems to stand out and has become a de-facto standard: Terraform.

With Terraform you can easily build, edit and version your whole infrastructure by using Terraform builtin providers or custom ones.

But sometimes there is no provider for the infrastructure you intend to use, not even the lone no-star repository in a lost corner of the internet, only a custom REST API. What can you do? Going back to manual operations? Create your own scripts?

In this talk Horacio and Aurélie will show you, step by step, how to go from an infrastructure API to a fully functional yet light Terraform provider. By taking as base a REST API, they will explain the basics of provider creation, give some pointers on how to do a simple yet efficient provider architecture and show you the code and the provider in action.

Will they succeed in this new mission?

Talk Questions

  • Question 165
    Inspiring talk in many ways. Congrats!
  • Question 166
    What are the main advantage to use provider to handle api?
  • Question 167
    You state that if you have an API you should create a terraform provider for it. What about apply the same principle for other techs as Ansible, k8s, etc..?
  • Question 168
    What real use cases are fine to create a terraform provider?
  • Question 171
    There is no limits. Great talk. Congrats
  • Question 164
    Do some kinds of APIs suit Terraform providers and others no?
  • Question 169
    can you bring existing state into your provider? like terraform import?
  • Question 170
    How do you retrieve existing resources without using Terraform import (sometimes not implemented)?