Hooman Beheshti

Why you should be expecting more from the network edge by Hooman Beheshti

Over the past few years, CDNs have evolved into sophisticated edge cloud platforms with focus on flexibility, programmability, functionality, and security. But it's been a path easier said than done.

In this session, we'll discuss this transformation, how the core building blocks remain vitally important, and how properly built edge cloud platforms offer brand new ways for scaling applications well beyond just content distribution.

Talk Questions

  • Question 15
    Cdn are distributed systems by design, how can you guarantee an "instant purge" with strong consistency in all the edges? If a purge fails in one edge, what is delivered from that edge?
  • Question 22
    What is the difference to have a CDN in front of have my code in different geographical servers?
  • Question 12
    What is Fastly doing to prevent another "global internet outage"?
  • Question 21
    Edge Compute == aws lambda@edge?
  • Question 17
    In which you are better, then aws cloudfront for example?
  • Question 19
    Is writing my code in your edge is like using a serverless service from a traditional cloud provider?
  • Question 13
    What shell theme are you using?
  • Question 14
    How important is real-time from website user perspective?
  • Question 20
    Doesn't edge computing seem some sort of AWS Lambda without regions?