Txema González BalseiroManuel Sánchez Rodríguez

"Zero Trust DevOps" with Azure & Github Actions by Txema González Balseiro and Manuel Sánchez Rodríguez

In this session we will address best practices to effectively implement Zero Trust architectures within our organization, this will allow us to reduce risk in all environments by establishing strong identity verification, validating device compliance before granting access and ensuring least privilege access only to explicitly authorized resources.

We will discuss how through the services Azure offers us, using Azure for Zero guardrails and blueprints to implement it and focusing primarily on identities, devices, applications, data, infrastructure and networks, helping us increase the speed with which cloud-based initiatives achieve authorization is a critical part of modernization.

Talk Questions

  • Question 127
    Yesterday we saw a service that bring some solutions similar to yours, what brings or improve your proposal?
  • Question 121
    How does Azure compare for Zero Trust DevOps with e.g. AWS. What benefits does it have and what drawbacks?
  • Question 122
    Any advice about how to start implementing Zero Trust model in a company?
  • Question 126
    Azure have the service Azure DevOps, regarding Zero Trust, how do you compare it against GitHub Actions?
  • Question 125
    Azure uses AD as IDP. Is there any trade off when we compare it with AWS SSO or Google Workspaces? specially for the Zero Trust use cases?